elementia eating disorder



By Breanna Hollingshead

Have you ever felt pain?
Pain so deep inside of you
Pain only you can feel.

Growing up I had times of physical
and mental pain,
through it however, I have gained.


By Emily Wilkinson

I am in love with a girl… who is afraid of breakfast,
who brews coffee in the morning like gasoline feeding a starving engine.

Her fingers dance around the machinery of her waist out of step with reality.

Counting by the Calorie

By Tara Phillips

145: i looked normal for a girl my size, a little extra meat on my bones but nothing to make me despise the body i lived in. Until i started comparing myself to the girls around me. maybe i should lose a couple pounds see that’s how it started.

Immesurable Distances

By Leah Mensch

The summers of my childhood meant dirty feet from playing ball without shoes, calloused hands from one too many rounds of the monkey bars, and racing to eat popsicles before the humidity melted their contents away. I was a good kid, but also a curious one. 

Counting Calories

By Neha Sridhar

(A palindrome poem meant to be read top to bottom,and then bottom to top)