Our World

By: Abbey Mock

You don't know us,
Unless you've been there,
We live differently,
We live our ways,
We fight our ways,
We make our own decisions,
Without parents,
Without any real danger,
But you see it all as danger,
We know it’s a computer,
We know the danger,
We know the safety,
All we want to do is be left alone
We want our world untouched,
You tear all meaning from us,
When you touch our world,
In the real world,
People treat us like mist,
So we think we have no purpose,
You don't understand,

Day after day we have to make life worth living,
We have to rely on someone,
We rely on each other,
When we get on the computer,
You’re taking it all away,
Why would you do that?
I am one of those people,
The people you think that are weird,
I used to have a place,
With all the friends I could ever want,
The ones that were almost like me
The ones who actually talked to me,
The ones who did not stare,
We are people,
Just like you,
Just different interest,
We want to be treated the same
But we don’t,
So we create our own worlds,
On the computers,
Where you put us,
The geeks,

The dweebs,
And all the names you created for us,
You say now that we have meanings,
But what are you really thinking?
You just feel sorry for us,
We don’t want your pity!
We don’t want to be normal,
We want to be different,
Just accepted for who we are,
Is that so hard to ask?