Big Brother

By: Robert Williams

My big brother was shot and killed late night October 17th
At a house party just relaxing trying to do his thing
Got into an Altercation but decided to walk away
But the oppose continued agitating all out of his rage
They got into a scuffle that’s when 7 shots rang out
Took 4 to the stomach 2 to the chest and 1 to the neck
Got the call early morning that following day
Had an unbelievable astonishment that fell upon me
Time had froze I was stuck between the tics of the clock
I’m trying to keep my head up but I’m not 2pac
My hero had fallen down my undefeatable had been defeated
His life was stolen from him and I’m wondering for what reason
He is the reason that I am who I am today
Rest in Peace big bro I’ll catch you
Another day