Love Overpowers Evil

By: Maddie Miguel

An ordinary villager was he
Poor and only twenty-three
His name was Benjamin
And the princess’s heart he wished to win.
The Princess he so wanted to have
But knowing his chances, he grew sad

Then one day a knight asked for her hand
Promised her love, trust, and romance
She did not love him, she was unsure
Of the way this knight courted her
He seemed to be hiding something behind his grin
An evil plan formulating within
The knight’s evil plan was this
To kill her after their wedding kiss
The princess, not knowing his plan, agreed
The knight was becoming very pleased

Late one night before the wedding day
Benjamin heard of the princess’s name
He tipped toed to the people talking
Feeling like a lion stalking
He hid behind a wagon filled with hay
Heard the knight’s evil plan this way

The knight talked of how to kill his bride
Should he poison her or use a sharp knife
But then he thought of the most perfect way
To take her home after the wedding and say
“Let us celebrate and have some wine.
Cheers to you, my beautiful bride”
He’ll put the poison in and let her drink
Until she faints into a deadly sleep
Then he’ll make up a story of her dying
As he begins falsely crying
If it works he’ll gain her kingdom, and crown
And have all of her people bow down
To him their very new king in power
As he raises their taxes growing richer each hour

After hearing all this Benjamin went into a rage
At this knight to whom the Princess was engaged
Benjamin wanted to protect the princess from this foe
So he formed a clever plan of his own

In the morning on the wedding day
Of all things it began to rain
Thunder and lightening the sky seemed to roar
It was as if the gods were telling him to be warned
Of the dark act the knight would do this day
If the princess, would not be saved

A loud boom rang throughout the church
As the priest was on his final verse
The knight impatiently waited for that time
When the priest said “you may kiss the bride”
He gave her a quick peck
Picked her up and left
But Benjamin stopped the knight in mid-step
Scared, he swallowed and said
“I know of your evil plan dear knight
And I wish to fight you, for I love your wife
I might be poor and only twenty-three
And compared to you I’m fairly weak
But my heart is big and my love is strong
And without her I simply can’t go on”
He set her down gently, and picked up his blade
And Benjamin began to fear he would be slain
But he scrounged up confidence and began to fight
All for the love of this knight’s new wife
The knight was fierce with no mercy
Benjamin was defending himself with no hurry
He just blocked every blow the knight made
And a smile started to spread on his face
He felt as though he could really win this fight
Even before the day turned to night
But then all of the sudden by complete surprise
After the knight got that strange look in his eyes
He stabbed poor Benjamin in the chest
And he fell to ground in distress
The knight chuckled evilly at his pain
And instantly thought he had just won the game
So while his back was turned and unaware
Benjamin leaped up as he was unprepared
He stabbed him in his back until it bled
Took back his sword and left him dead

After this dreadful fight
He just looked at the dead knight
Until the princess came to him
Smiling she looked at him and said
“Oh thank you so much for saving my life
I never ever wanted to be his wife
Your courage is that of a lion’s
And your heart is as big as giants
Never have I met a great man like you
With such strength, passion and virtue”
He smiled when he heard her say this
And pulled her close to him and gave her a kiss
Benjamin has found his happy ending
And also a new beginning
For a new happy life he was to ingress
With his new wife, the princess