By: Haley Claxton

The world comes to life,
As a new day dawns;
The freeze is now over,
Frosty winter now gone.

The creatures all wake
From their deep sleep.
Now through the land
Does warmth truly seep.

Birds start to chirp,
The sun lights the sky,
The breeze, now calmer,
Begins to gently sigh.

The earth is excited,
To be so alive.
Now on the tree
Bees buzz through their hive.

All living are prepared
To begin now anew.
As in each morning
Ground is covered with dew.

The brook is now bubbling,
And ready to send,
The otter, who's swimming,
Up 'round its bend.

Nature sings out,
Until cold comes and burns;
But don't ever fear.
Spring's lion returns.