By Olivia J. Williams

I will never call a Latino “papi”
sino héroe, soldado, sobreviviente
Brother in bondage, sibling in survival
The chains of the Hispanic clink with those of his Black cellmate
We languish under the same white gall
Asian men rattle wire fences in

Vintage War

By Dotty Harrison

Life to all, the empty promise
I’ve found something new
Take your script and watch it slip through
Cracks so obvious

And we still fight in vain
Who’s the one that wins?
No one’s truly saved
No room left to swim
Life to all, the empty promise

It Went Like This

By Jackson Ceule

Yes! Bless The New U.S...
Making America Great Again
With only the best.
I must confess this victory came a little shocking.
I wasn’t expecting Trump to win,
The way the media was talking.
I was walking,

Making Maps

By Natalie Rovello

On November 8th, 2016
(“a date which will live in infamy”)
I sat like a child on my bed
I had always thought myself an artist,
So I took a pen and drew a map — 
Every line
Of every state
I drew my home
And my family’s home.