Elementia justice



By Olivia J. Williams

I will never call a Latino “papi” sino héroe, soldado, sobreviviente Brother in bondage, sibling in survival The chains of the Hispanic clink with those of his Black cellmate We languish under the same white gall Asian men rattle wire fences in 1930s internment camps White supremacists l

One Word

By Rylee Wilson

One Word Can make the difference. Guilty? or Not?

It doesn’t matter what I think. It only matters what the jury believes. I am nothing but a name in a story.

And that terrifies me. I have no control. Will the rest of my life be like this?


By Romila Santra

Mother is marrying Big Joe. Why she decided to, I do not know. Doesn’t she know, She is betraying Father? Doesn’t she know I don’t want to be a daughter, To anyone but Father?

Hope Never Fades

By Mason Herrington

I am a strong young man exhausted from my ways I’ve been in eleven facilities but nothing ever seemed to change Until one day I felt his grace and heard it say Come to me my child and I will take it all away…