By: Romila Santra

Mother is marrying Big Joe.
Why she decided to, I do not know.
Doesn’t she know,
She is betraying Father?
Doesn’t she know I don’t want to be a daughter,
To anyone but Father?

But I am torn.
Squeezie says Mother will feel forlorn,
If I tell her what I really think
If I tell her that I don’t want them together,
Connected, like a link.

If only Father were here
I wish he hadn’t disappeared.
Like a candle, suddenly blown out.
Like a flower’s petals,
Drifting slowly down to Earth
Without a single doubt

Right now, they both look so happy,
Dancing together and acting all sappy
Mother is finally again in love
Mother is floating above the ground,
Just as a dove.

I have decided
I must sacrifice.
For my Mother, as a daughter, I must suffice.
I still do not fully approve this,
All this marrying and betraying father
But for my Mother, I give my consent.
For my Mother, who is now finally