Hope Never Fades

By: Mason Herrington

I am a strong young man exhausted from my ways
I’ve been in eleven facilities but nothing ever seemed to change
Until one day I felt his grace and heard it say
Come to me my child and I will take it all away…

I did it for my sanity but it made me more insane 
All I wanted to do was bring down my anxiety and ease the pain
Cause you know it hurts so bad when you’re livin’ in blame
And your whole family’s ashamed but your circle calls it fame
And your heart tells you to get out but your minds stuck in the game
Used to, live life like it was day to day lookin’ back my hearts smilin’ from all that ive changed
And I thank god I didn’t die in the hospital that day even though three days later
I was blowin’ smoke back in his face…

But my drug days can be over cause now I’ve been saved,
Through the one and only Jesus Christ he took my anxiety away
Believe in his word and the pain will go away just like it did for me and it’s amazing to say,
That I still have over 400 days in jail but with him by my side I know I’ll be okay