Making Maps

By: Natalie Rovello

On November 8th, 2016
(“a date which will live in infamy”)
I sat like a child on my bed
I had always thought myself an artist,
So I took a pen and drew a map — 
Every line
Of every state
I drew my home
And my family’s home.
My father’s side arrived in 1750
They crossed the Gap before Daniel Boone
My ancestors fought in the wars of their eras,
And so did my father and brothers.
My mother’s side arrived in 1950
They built lives
They built cities
They built corner stores and restaurants 
and dairy companies and car washes.
I made a map of the United States,
I made a map of my family tree,
I made a map of myself
And I colored it piece by piece
As the results came in
I colored it red
Like a flame, like a blood splatter,
I sat like a child on my bed
And I cried