It Went Like This

By: Jackson Ceule

Yes! Bless The New U.S...
Making America Great Again
With only the best.
I must confess this victory came a little shocking.
I wasn’t expecting Trump to win,
The way the media was talking.
I was walking,
Pacing my living room with a sweat of uncertainty,
But certainly,
Americans won’t vote for a corrupt and lying witch.
That bitch should be in jail,
Not running for president,
She needs to be saving up for her bail,
And I’m saying this as a United States resident.
Her negligence is unbearable when it comes to the emails.
When truthfulness comes into testing,
Hillary fails.

Dear god save us all…
This idiot oompa loompa is going to build a fucking wall.
I didn’t think you all were this dumb,
The fact that Trump won is making my body feel numb.
I have rung the bell for help
Because Trump is bound to take all of us to hell.
I can yell and cry,
And changing my point of view you can try,
But Donald Trump is not controlling me.
Before I let that happen,
I will die.
When it was clear who won I can not lie,
I was frightened for what was to come.
His perspective and ideas were all dumb.
He complains on twitter about stupid things like a baby,
I’m surprised there’s not a picture of him sucking his thumb.
R.I.P to the U.S., the dream is done.
I mean like I don’t think I like the dude,
He seems kinda rude.
But like Hillary deleted those emails,
Not cool.
Gary Johnson should have pulled the upset.
I’m not ready to give my recreational marijuana
Dream up yet.
It is what it is.