By: Rachel Franklin

Every day, I walk along the same road,
A path of work and play, the route I know.
Every day, I carry the same, tiring load,
A burden of hopes, fears, and woe.

Every day, I trudge along the path again,
Looking ahead, and not behind or to the side.
Every day, I think, this road’s a little plain,
Maybe I could stray from it if I tried.

Today, I look to the side as I tread,
See the miracles that I have missed.
Today, I watch great acts instead,
Acts of love, beauty, and kindness.

Today, life isn’t a straightaway
Endless, going nowhere for us all.
Today, life forks, and I must stray,
I can’t be afraid to stumble and fall.

Today, I soak up all that I ignored,
To find peace I must look outside.
Today, I can finally be part of the world,
Enjoy everything that I have denied.

Today, if you’re tired of that road,
Heed my advice, and see the light.
Today you can lighten your heavy load.
Just behold the world’s wonders and delight.