Mar 21, 2021

I found the most compelling aspect of the book to be that I could almost escape from reality when reading it. The novel shows a plot told from 2 perspectives that are probably slightly unrealistic in today's time, but I found that to be an amazing part of the book. I could open the book, start reading, and imagine myself as a character in the story alongside Evie and Caleb. The 2 perspectives really helped that a lot in providing each event that occured with 2 different viewpoints, in some cases 1 positive and 1 negative. Sometimes I feel everyone wants to take a break and jump into a

Illustrated: A young man is surrounded by fire while holding up his right hand in a scout's promise.


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Mar 20, 2021

This book is incredible. A kid struggles to find himself. In the end, he realizes that he just needs to be himself and not be afraid.

I think that the fact that the kid relates to so many people. The kid doesn't know what is happening to him because he grew up thing being gay is bad but in fact, it definitely isn't. When the kid finds who he is it's so peaceful and incredible. I read this in one sitting it was so good!

Mar 19, 2021

The Red Court is a group of mysterious people that do favors and if crossed with punish you. Their members' true identities are unknown but Ember Williams wants to find them and shut the Red Court down.


Mar 18, 2021

The Dark Tide is a book with excellent characters, amazing storytelling, and a plot that'll make you never want to put it down. In a setting where mundane people and magical events collide, once you start reading you won't be able to stop.

While in the moment, the impending threat of the tide and the obvious mischief Marcin was up to kept me from wanting to stop reading in the moment, the worldbuilding behind the book was the part that kept me coming back when I put it down. Having a self-consistent world with its own mysteries, secrets, and history isn't something I see done well often in

Mar 17, 2021

This book keeps you guessing. And even if you think you've got it figured out, you probably don't.

And the subtle reminders of paranoia throughout the book, even from the beginning, were very compelling. It kept me interested and made me want to read more. It made me very uneasy whenever Mira would feel strange out of the blue, and reminded me to be suspicious of everyone in the car.

My only criticisms are that the action scenes were a little bit underplayed. They tended to blend in with the rest of the book, so it was hard for me to notice a difference between a calm moment and an

Mar 16, 2021

The gay love story was by far the most compelling. I would say that most of the novel circulates on the trials and tribulations of Charlie coming to terms with who he is and wanting to be in a relationship with a boy.

I signed up for a love story, and I was handed just that. It's everything I wanted without lots of annoying stuff to get in the way. When reading the back cover, this is what I hoped for, and it's exactly what I was given,

Mar 15, 2021

For me, the most compelling part of the book wasn't the existence and secrecy of magic itself, but the lack of acceptance around it. While normally the world of a book having magic isn't something too impressive. The way that this book had magic exist but villanized by the general public was a unique twist that I don't normally see and I was really intrigued to see how it turned out.

The one thing I could say is that there was a bit much exposition - you have to go 50 pages into the book before you even beet the only character given a name in the synopsis. I was initially very confused on

Mar 13, 2021

Haylah Swinton is a sweet daughter and a fiercely loyal best friend. But most importantly, she can make anyone laugh. When she finds herself with a guy stepping into the spotlight, she jumps at the chance of ghostwriting for his sets.

Loved the book. Very bright. Rebecca really captured the ups and downs of this girl Haylah. I'm excited for Pretty rude for a girl to come out.     

Mar 12, 2021

        After letting her insecurities ruin her experience at a Halloween party, Olivia "Liv" James decides to make a F*ck-It List to never let her insecurities get to her again. This leads Liv to get a part in the school musical, gain new best friends, as well as attractions to 3 different boys. The list seemed to change Liv's life for the better, until one rule of the list led to a series of misunderstands to unfold in this inspiring novel.     
          The most compelling aspect is the relatability of the main character. Personally, no other books could come as close to being as

Mar 11, 2021

I like how it's set in the late seventies because I have not read a lot of books that are like it. I also think it is interesting how it kind of shows how sports and opinions of sports change.     
 And I was interested about how boys didn't think girls should play sports, a lot has changed and I didn't even think about it before reading this book.     

Mar 10, 2021

There are so many quotes in this book that relate to this generation of teens. I was surprised to find how I even related to what Cham was going through in her life. It's easy to get sucked into her life and understand her point of view as well, I really liked how the book flowed nicely.     

Mar 9, 2021

War Girls is about 2 sisters living in a war-torn world. Their lives have been affected by violence and all they want to do is find a peaceful future together.

I couldn't finish the book because the writing style didn't engage me as much, but I would still recommend the book. 

Mar 8, 2021

The storyline gave me Alice in Wonderland vibes and I enjoyed it very much. I appreciated the story and the tale and I liked it very much.

Plus, I liked the peaceful and calming tones of the book cover. It was very compelling to me as the reader and I was intrigued and enjoyed the book.

Mar 7, 2021

The story of Little Universes is about two sisters. One is very dedicated to her studies, and wants to go to college, while the other has mental health issues, and leans on drugs for support. After the sisters parents die, they bond together through challenges.  I liked the style of the cover.  I picked out the book because I was curious about the challenges of the sisters, and if in the end they would bond, or be torn apart.     

Mar 6, 2021

Seventeen-year-old Chloe Russell deals with her drastically different life after her heart transplant through learning to surf from Kai, whom she might be crushing on just a little bit. Meanwhile, she has to survive summer school and is being plagued by a recurring dream about an accident and people she's never seen before.      
I thought Chloe and Jane's friendship was the best part of this book. Sure, Jane may not have been the best influence but they really balanced each other out and it was nice to see Chloe let go a little bit. It really hurt when they were arguing but I'm glad

Mar 5, 2021

Finally feeling like she's overcome the darkness of her past, seventeen year old Skye Murray is more than ready to leave her hometown to go to her dream college to study art. But when her mom reveals that she's gotten back together with a man who hurt Skye in unimaginable ways, she feels herself crumbling apart, on the verge of losing not only herself, but her family and the ones she loves. The idea of running away from home to her college now seems like centuries ago when she realizes that she needs to keep her sister safe, who is the same age Skye was when she was sexually assaulted by the

Mar 4, 2021

        I didn't read the first book, but Last Pick: Born to Run was gripping and beautiful. It checked all of my boxes: murderous aliens (and more importantly, a not-so-murderous one), people banding together to find hope in the dark times, empathy, and, well, two friends falling in love. I was disappointed that it ended.

Mar 3, 2021

Hollis Brite is a lady in the kingdom of Coroa, and alongside other young ladies of the court, seeks the King of Coroa’s heart, vying for his attention. When King Jameson finally chooses Hollis to become his wife and Queen, Hollis is ecstatic. But when a boy from a foreign nation comes to Coroa, Hollis doesn’t know what her heart wants anymore.     

I think the most compelling aspect would have to be the glitz and glamour of the royalty in this book, because the royal court in this book was very well written, at least in my opinion. Kiera Cass did a good job of making it seem like you were

Mar 1, 2021

The Infinite Noise is a perfect blend of teenage abnormal normalities, presenting common issues such as social pressure, mental healthiness, and sexuality while also bringing the twist of the much rarer gifts of an empath, or one that can feel everyone's feelings around him. Following Caleb, the football player empath, and Adam, the lovable social outcast, The Infinite Noise is an enticing, delightful read that I struggled to put down.     

 I, personally, am often very compelled by any kind of human brain abnormalities, like synesthesia, or like being an empath. It is one of those things

Feb 28, 2021

Beauty Queens follows a simple concept: what if a plane full of beauty queens crash-landed on a deserted island, a la Lord of the Flies?

Except it’s not quite so simple as that. This is the story of the survivors, fourteen typical (and atypical) beauty queens who must work together to stay alive and keep their pageant skills sharp until help arrives.

This entails battling massive snakes, building and maintaining a camp, fighting over the remaining beauty supplies, and coming to the realization that the island might not be deserted after all.

First off, this book is laugh-out-loud

Feb 27, 2021

It is France, 1714, and a young French village girl named Addie kneels on the forest floor on the eve of her wedding and prays for freedom from an arranged marriage. She forgets, though, that it is after dark, and the gods that answer after dark never play fair. In a moment of desperation, she makes a bargain with the devil himself — freedom to wander, to explore, to dream, but with one catch: she will be forgotten by everyone she meets. However, three hundred years later, Addie’s life is turned upside down when she walks into a bookstore in New York City and the owner, a boy with a broken

Feb 26, 2021

Janella Angeles’s Where Dreams Descend follows ambitious showgirl Kallia as she fights to compete for a spot as the headlining magician of the Conquering Circus.

The competition takes place in Glorian, a city full of secrets. While competing, Kallia encounters Daron Demarco, the enigmatic young judge with a hidden past. Kallia, too, wishes to forget her past — but Jack, the owner of the club she left for the competition, won’t let her get away so easily.

The stakes rise as the competition continues, with mysterious disappearances and sabotaged acts, until it’s clear that someone — or

Feb 25, 2021

Nightshade is the twelfth installment of the Alex Rider series. When a secret agent is killed by a ruthless 16-year-old assassin in Brazil, teenage MI6 spy Alex Rider is sent to Gibraltar, a maximum-security prison, assuming the identity of his lookalike nemesis, Julius Grief. His mission? To bond with and extract information from the assassin, Freddy. However, things take an unexpected turn, and Alex finds himself infiltrating a mysterious, sinister organization known as Nightshade.

This Alex Rider novel was quite good. It was easy to read, and the pacing was excellent, as expected. In

Feb 24, 2021

Just Mercy is a first-person account of Bryan Stevenson, a black lawyer, who helps prisoners that did not receive fair trials as part of a non-profit organization. Stevenson writes about various clients that he has worked for over the years and how the justice system has failed them.

Living in Johnson County, racism and prejudice can seem like a distant thing. Just Mercy is so powerful because it uses stats and facts to show just how prevalent it really is. This book is one of my favorites because it opened my eyes to the failings of our justice system. These tragedies of cases were

Feb 23, 2021

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra is a comedy/tragedy following the adventures of Alonso Quixano, aka Don Quixote. Enchanted by the stories of medieval knights, Don decides, to go out, with his neighbor and squire, Sancho, into the world and imitate the stories of chivalry that he so adores.

Don Quixote is a lengthy story, spanning over 900 pages. This is part of why I gave this book a 3 out of 5 rating. Even though the book is mostly mini stories, this book length will initially scare off readers, and for good reason. There are also 2 parts to the story, Part 1being much more

Feb 22, 2021

The Bird and The Blade is set in the ancient Mongolian empire. Jinghua, our protagonist, is a slave in the Khipkhak Khanate, that is, until the kingdom is taken over by enemy forces and the only people able to escape are the Khan (King), the prince, and Jinghua. Together they journey across the kingdom, fleeing pursuing forces. With no other options, Khalaf plans to marry Turandokht, the cunning and beautiful daughter of the Great Khan. Easier said than done. Around 20 men that had similar intentions are already dead, killed by Turandokht’s riddles. There are three of them in total and each

Feb 21, 2021

Loki: Where Mischief Lies expands off of the popular character from the Marvel Universe, following Loki in his misadventures on Midgard (or Earth, as we know it) far before the events of the first Thor movie and The Avengers.

Loki has always known that either he or his brother, Thor, will be chosen as the next king of Asgard and the Nine Realms. In order to be chosen, Loki must prove himself worthy, but all his attempts to do so land him in trouble, while his brother is lauded for what should be considered failures. Loki befriends Amora, a sorceress in training, but when one of their

Feb 20, 2021

Twelve-year-old orphan Max Einstein is a smart girl. She has a brain just as big and creative as the legend Einstein. She loves Einstein and has a passion for him. She is living above a horse’s stall, and learning at a college. One day she is taken to the CMI: Change Makers Institution, and is chosen to become a team leader to save the world. Max and her friends go to a place trying to solve the problems in cities around the world. But, the problem is that Dr. Zimm and his team, Corp, is trying to find Max Einstein, and take her away from the CMI. Do you think that Corp will find Max Einstein

Feb 19, 2021

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ​The Great Gatsby​ is a work of art. Set in the roaring 20s in New York, the novel follows Nick Carraway as he unravels the truth about his neighbor, Jay Gatsby, his cousin  Daisy, and everyone else surrounding his new apartment in West Egg. For the first six chapters of this novel, I didn’t understand the hype, but I was sold by the end.

While I didn’t love this book quite as much as I expected to, I still really liked it. Fitzgerald’s language is perfection, and the plot is beautifully crafted. Somehow, Fitzgerald managed to write a book where I didn’t like a single