The 5th Wave

Rick Yancy
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Nov 21, 2013

The aliens have unleashed 4 waves of death upon humanity. The first, an electronic pulse to render all machines useless. The second, tsunamis to destroy coastal cities. The third, an avian plague called The Red Death. The fourth, Silencers, a race of humans implanted with alien intelligences as fetuses, an enemy we didn’t see coming. The 5th is upon us. Cassie, a 16 year old surviving on her own is one of the few left alive on earth. Armed with an M-16 and a teddy bear, she searches for her little brother with the hunky and mysterious Evan. Zombie, was an up and coming athlete when he was “recruited” by the military and forced into a cruel boot camp to train as an alien killer.

This book, although large, is an amazingly fast read! And although, I have been a little burned out of post-apocalypse stories lately, this one caught (and held) my attention. There is a little bit of something for everyone: survival after societies fall, military training (complete with offensive drill sergeant), family drama and just a dash of what might be romance. I loved The 5th Wave from beginning to end and would recommend it to…everyone!

Reviewed by Kate M.
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