A Trick of the Light

Lois Metzger
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Oct 11, 2013

This was a very engaging, interesting read. I especially appreciated the unusual point of view; this story was narrated by the disease itself. At first, the narrator was mildly suggestive: eat this, not that; run just a little further. As the anorexia began taking over, it became more and more demanding and controlling until it directed every aspect of 15 year old Mike's life. When he tried to make a decision that did not further the purposes of the disease, the anorexia talked to him, tricked him into believing that another choice was better. Mike actually heard the voice in his head and as time went on, he lost his ability to over-ride it.

This book was a quick read with a surprising amount of depth. I appreciated that it dealt with an issue that is not always recognized or talked about - anorexia in boys. Males make up roughly 10% of anorexic patients and yet many people believe that only girls suffer from this disease.  The author did a great job of demonstrating the insidious manner in which a mental illness such as anorexia can overtake and steal away a life.

Written by Peggy H.

I jumped out of an airplane by choice!

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