Andrew Smith
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Dec 24, 2013

Ryan Dean West, Winger to his friends, is determined to take control of his junior year. In the Venn diagram of life, most people overlap, or at least most junior guys at Winger's school, it is that little crescent outside that makes us stand out. For Ryan Dean, it is that he is a 14 year old junior, two years younger than his other classmates. That means he doesn't need to shave, hasn't hit his growth spurt, and has no skill with the ladies.

Winger's junior year gets off to a rocky start when he is placed in Opportunity Hall, a dorm for delinquent boys. His year continues to spiral downward as he gets drunk before school even starts, is cursed by the headmaster of the girls dorm downstairs, and has a fight with two of his best friends. And that is just the first few weeks!

Winger has a very unique voice, if a little perverted. Don't read this if you don't want to know the deep, dark workings of a 14 year-old guy's mind...But when he isn't thinking about girls underwear, Winger shows a deeper caring for his friends then he might show. Deep down, this is a story about trying to navigate relationships with friends, friends you wish were girlfriends, friends' girlfriends and rugby teammates. Winger doesn't always navigate these successfully but he does make his Junior year memorable and certainly grows up from a skinny boy to "one of the guys".

Reviewed by Kate M.
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