I Am Legend

Richard Matheson
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Jul 11, 2013

Robert is the last man in New York City after a massive epidemic that turned everyone into vampires. By day he sharpens stakes, makes runs to the abandoned grocery stores for dry goods, and maintains his generator and the protections around his house. By night they come. Crowding around the doors and windows they call to him, begging him to come outside. The loneliness is enough to drive a man insane, but to have to listen to them every night is almost too much for Robert. But after binge drinking for three days, Robert sobers up and realizes that he needs to either kill himself or move on, he chooses the later. Getting as many medical texts as he can carry from the library (yay!) he starts to investigate the cause of the disease. Are his efforts in vain? Will he find a cure for the plague that wiped out humanity?

It is a fast read, and amazingly scary (I felt very anxious during several parts). Matheson is a master of suspense and this book will keep you on the edge of your seat. I Am Legend also includes short stories by the author, make sure you don't miss Prey, the thrilling tale of a murderous doll come to life!

Reviewed by Kate M.
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