The Hit

Melvin Burgess
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Mar 7, 2014

Adam scores the ultimate tickets to the last concert of rock star Jimmy Earle. How does he know that it is Jimmy's last concert? Because Jimmy has taken Death, the latest and greatest drug on the street. Live one glorious week on the high of your life...then die. Adam and his girlfriend Lizzie are there to see Earle give the performance of a lifetime, then die on stage. As the crowd goes wild, the two escape the area to find masked members of the Zealots handing out Death capsules on the street.

Without hope for a better future, thousands of young people around Lizzie and Adam happily accept the offering. The recession has been stifling job prospects for nearly a decade, and more people are falling into poverty than climbing out of it. As the rich get richer, there are fewer prospects for young people. Why not live your whole life in one great week and give it all up than slog through the next 60 years, never getting ahead? After Adam takes Death at a party he has to fit the rest of his life in just 7 days...and what a week it is!

Reviewed by Kate M.
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