Heather Brewer
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Jun 19, 2013

In a world ruled by Barrons, magically gifted fighters, and their soulbound Healers, Kaya grew up in a small unskilled village. The daughter of two Barrons-in-hiding, as Barrons are not meant to marry each other, Kaya knows nothing of the hierarchy of Barrons and Healers that keep the countryside safe from Graplars (large dragonlike creatures) until one attacks at the village fair, killing her best friend. By killing the beast, her father draws attention to the family and Kaya is forced to attend Shadow Academy to become a healer. But what Kaya is really determined to do is learn how to fight, so that no one will ever die because she was unprepared ever again. Protocol keeps Healers from learning to use a katana, but Kaya has never been one to follow protocol.

You might recognize Heather Brewer's name from her famous Vlad Tod series of vampire books, but her latest book, Soulbound, is a new endeavor. The writing is pretty formulaic, but if, like me, you love a good predicable action movie, then this book is for you! It won't shock you, you will probably see the big twist coming, but it is fun to get there none-the-less. Fast past, and action packed, this book is the perfect summer vacation read!

Reviewed by Kate M.
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