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Teen Staff Review Dec 31, 2009

I am not a huge TV watcher but here are some shows I picked up in 2009.

10 Things I Hate About You

Teen Staff Review

Kate’s Favorite Movies of 2009

By Joseph Gordon Smith
Rated by Kate M.
Dec 29, 2009

These are my favorite movies of 2009 in no particular order (although it is alphabetical):

Staff Review Dec 28, 2009

I don’t know how, but DiCamillo has done it again. In The Magician’s Elephant you will find a beautiful tale of “what if’s” and impossibilities.

Staff Review


By David Small
Rated by Helen H.
Dec 27, 2009

When David was eleven, a family friend noticed a bump in his neck. Three and a half years later he would finally have the lump removed. Despite being told he was fine, two surgeries left David with only one vocal chord and a huge scar down his throat and neck. It wasn’t until later that David would learn he had had cancer and had not been expected to live. Small, a well-deserved award winning illustrator possesses an almost creepy ability to convey complex emotions through his drawings. The story itself is remarkable and the illustrations serve to heighten the impact.

Teen Staff Review
Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Hate List

By Jennifer Brown
Rated by Kate M.
Dec 23, 2009

These are in no particular order but they are my five favorites books of 2009!

Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Staff Review Dec 21, 2009

Oliver Watson is not your typical eighth grade student. He is actually a genius well on his way to world domination, and incidentally, unspeakably evil as well. Naturally, in order to protect himself, he must pretend to be a moron of vast proportions; and no one, neither his parents nor his classmates suspect a thing. Out of sheer spite for his father, Oliver decides to run for class president. In the end he discovers that the thing we loath the most in the world is the very thing that can bring us peace.

Teen Staff Review
Carter Finally Gets It by Brent Crawford

Carter Finally Gets It

By Brent Crawford
Rated by Kate M.
Dec 16, 2009

Carter is ready to start high school. His plans include hooking up with all the hot girls (and loosing his virginity ASAP), being the kicker on the football team, and becoming the most popular guy in school. And things seem to be going along as planned, he is the kicker for the freshman team, he hasn't been shoved in a locker yet, and he has hooked up with "chubby" Abbey who isn't so chubby anymore.

Staff Review Dec 15, 2009

Anyone who has read the original text of Fahrenheit 451 is familiar with the central themes of censorship, governmental manipulation, blind faith, and betrayal. Anyone who hasn’t and doesn’t have time can benefit by reading Hamilton’s adaptation.

Teen Staff Review
New Moon

New Moon Review

By Kristen Stewart
Rated by Kate M.
Dec 11, 2009

As promised here is my review for the New Moon movie (I know this is a little late, but I couldn't take the hoards to go opening weekend and then I just got caught up in other stuff). Those of you who know me know that I am not a big Twilight fan... Ok if we are being honest I can't stand the Twilight books. But I was honestly looking forward to the Twilight movie last year.

Staff Review Dec 10, 2009

Sleeping Murder is a true Agatha Christie classic and one of my favorite mysteries featuring Miss Jane Marple.