romantic suspense

woman at window with handprint

Because I'm Watching

Christina Dodd
Rated by
Traci M.
Saturday, Oct 7, 2017

Jacob Denisov sits alone in his darkened home, waiting for death. Torture at the hands of North Koreans has left him with little will to survive. Surprisingly, death does not come when a car crashes into his house, landing just inches from Jacob. For Maddie Hewitson, driving into a house is just the latest episode of odd behavior she has experienced since coming to Virtue Falls, Washington. For Maddie and Jacob, this first meeting is the spark that will allow them both to heal and discover new life and love together.

Come Sundown with image of sundown in the text

Come Sundown

Nora Roberts
Rated by
Traci M.
Sunday, Aug 6, 2017

Bodine Longbow is a fourth-generation Montana rancher and operator of the Bodine Resort. The ranch and resort are definitely a family affair with her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, father and brothers all working together. Callen Skinner has returned home to Montana to reconnect with his family, both biological and honorary. Growing up, Callen spent a lot of time on the Bodine ranch and never imagined he'd end up finding love with the girl next door.

let's bungle in the jungle

Heart of Fire (Audiobook CD)

Linda Howard
Rated by
Amanda H.
Monday, Sep 26, 2016

Heart of Fire is the perfect summer read if you like movies like Indiana Jones, Romancing the Stone, or Six Days Seven Nights.

Orange Cover

Obsession in Death

J. D. Robb
Rated by
Traci M.
Sunday, May 3, 2015

Obsession in Death is the 40th book in the In Death series by J. D. Robb, a.k.a Nora Roberts. When Naked in Death was first released in 1995, I bought it but I didn't read it. I also picked up the next four or five in the series, but I didn't read them either.