Come Sundown

Nora Roberts
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Aug 6, 2017

Bodine Longbow is a fourth-generation Montana rancher and operator of the Bodine Resort. The ranch and resort are definitely a family affair with her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, father and brothers all working together. Callen Skinner has returned home to Montana to reconnect with his family, both biological and honorary. Growing up, Callen spent a lot of time on the Bodine ranch and never imagined he'd end up finding love with the girl next door.

The mystery and suspense develop as the past and present collide. Alice Bodine, the aunt Bodine never knew, ran away from home over 20 years ago. She has returned with a terrifying account of captivity and abuse, but is too damaged to identify her captor. When Bodine is taken by an unknown assailant, it is up to Alice to untangled her memories, save her niece, and put her past behind her.

Come Sundown has all the hallmarks of a Nora Roberts bestseller: love, family, and suspense. Since Black Hills, the yearly romantic suspense release has been hit-or-miss for me. I’ve read them all, but I can’t necessarily tell you the plot of The Search or The Liar. I think what I enjoyed most about this one is the connection between the family and possibly how it reminded me of other Nora family novels like Montana Sky. As a Nora reader, I recommend this to my fellow Nora fans as well as those just looking for a good suspense with some love on the side.

Reviewed by Traci M.
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