teen pregnancy

Salvage the Bones

By Jesmyn Ward
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Rated by Helen H.
Jan 22, 2014

In the days before Hurricane Katrina is to hit Bois Savage, Mississippi, families are preparing their homes for the event as they’ve always done. Young Esch and her brothers have been left to their own devices since their mother’s death as their father is usually too drunk to care for them. One brother struggles to win a coveted scholarship to basketball camp, one dotes on his Pit Bull who has just birthed a liter of valuable puppies, Esch reaches a startling and unwelcome epiphany, and the youngest just gets in everyone’s way.

This is a very difficult book to read, and thus this review isn’t

Pregnant Girls in Space!

By Martin Leicht
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Rated by Kate M.
Oct 5, 2012

Did that title catch your eye? Elvie's dreams of becoming an engineer on a new Mars colony get complicated when she finds herself knocked up the night before her PSAT. Cole, the dreamy new transfer student from Wisconsin, and father of the child, disappears the day after she tells him. Left on her own with only her emergency-prepared father, and quirky best friend Ducky, Elvie enrolls at the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers. Aboard a renovated cruise-liner, Elvie awaits the arrival of 'the goober', and continues to dream of Mars. Until the Hanover School is attacked by space aliens

Long Awaited Child

By Tracie Peterson

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Apr 30, 2010

I am really interested in supporting our local Kansas authors and I came across writer Tracie Peterson. She wrote The Long Awaited Child, a story of Tess Holbrook who desires deep in her heart to become a mother. She and her husband have tried everything under her doctor’s care. Tess feels hopeless until one day a friend of hers mentions adoption. Tess considers adoption, an idea with which she comes to terms with after much soul searching. A wonderful opportunity arises when a hurting teenager named Sherry comes in the picture- Sherry is a foster child and pregnant; She trusts no one and most