Long Awaited Child

Tracie Peterson
Apr 30, 2010

I am really interested in supporting our local Kansas authors and I came across writer Tracie Peterson. She wrote The Long Awaited Child, a story of Tess Holbrook who desires deep in her heart to become a mother. She and her husband have tried everything under her doctor’s care. Tess feels hopeless until one day a friend of hers mentions adoption. Tess considers adoption, an idea with which she comes to terms with after much soul searching. A wonderful opportunity arises when a hurting teenager named Sherry comes in the picture- Sherry is a foster child and pregnant; She trusts no one and most of all Tess! Although, Tess and Sherry are at odds with each other; Tess and her husband offer their home to her and while are praying to adopt the baby. Tess realizes this is a test of her faith and remembers her past while everything collides in Tess’s and Sherry’s lives. They both discover the struggles of the heart, faith and family.

Reviewed by Library Staff