Pregnant Girls in Space!

Martin Leicht
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Oct 5, 2012

Did that title catch your eye? Elvie's dreams of becoming an engineer on a new Mars colony get complicated when she finds herself knocked up the night before her PSAT. Cole, the dreamy new transfer student from Wisconsin, and father of the child, disappears the day after she tells him. Left on her own with only her emergency-prepared father, and quirky best friend Ducky, Elvie enrolls at the Hanover School for Expecting Teen Mothers. Aboard a renovated cruise-liner, Elvie awaits the arrival of 'the goober', and continues to dream of Mars. Until the Hanover School is attacked by space aliens! And to make things more complicated, Cole, the other DNA contributor to 'the goober' is one of the invaders...Elvie has to figure out who the father of her baby really is, and what the Hanover School really does. Looking for something totally off the beaten path? You can't get much farther off the path than pregnant teens in space fending off alien invaders. Mothership's plot is original and Elvie's voice is sarcastic and all-around awesome. I totally recommend this for anyone looking for something different without being too deep. Unfortunately, it is the first in a series, so you are left with a cliffhanger, but it looks to be a promising series. There is also a fun Juno-esque trailer for it!

Written by Kate M.

I never forget to be awesome!

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