Lab Girl

By Hope Jahren
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Rated by Helen H.
Jan 3, 2017

Do not believe the title of this book. Jahren has a dog, but he isn’t a Labrador. (Coco is actually a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.) But read it anyway! You’ll learn so much.

There’s the harsh reality of how scientists procure funding, which Jahren explains eloquently. You’ll learn what a scientist does in the field, and how, with a dash of why. And how red tape can render that work all for naught. You’ll learn what true friendship looks like, and you might understand mental illness a little bit better.

Not to mention the trees, their leaves, and how they grow, drink, survive and reproduce. Best

Dancing With Fire

By Susan Kearney
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Rated by Lisa J.
Mar 16, 2015

Dancing With Fire literally starts with a bang; an explosion that leaves the Danner girls orphaned and in danger. Kaylin Danner put her dreams on hold when her mother died to help her scientist father raise her two younger sisters. After her father’s biodiesel plant blows up just as he has figured out the formula to efficiently produce this sought-after fuel, events lead her to believe that the explosion and her father’s death may not have been an accident.

Sawyer Scott has been working with Dr. Danner for years as his assistant developing the biodiesel fuel formula. Dr. Danner has been his

Dec 2, 2010

The Proteus Operation by JamesThe Proteus Operation is about World War II. It’s about time traveling and alternate histories. It’s about quantum mechanics. And it’s about the human spirit and the lengths humans are willing to go to improve their, and others’, future. A group of scientists, diplomats and military personnel travel from a bleak, hopeless 1975 to a still-hopeful 1939. Their aim is to alter “past” events in order to bring about an improved “future”. Problems and questions abound. Is it possible for a tiny group of people to change world history? Is there more than one universe in existence? If so, can they be

Solar by Ian McEwan

Rated by Melody K.
Apr 28, 2010

Solar by Ian McEwanIan McEwan has never disappointed me and Solar was no exception. However, unlike previous McEwan novels I’ve read, Atonement, On Chesil Beach, and Enduring Love this one is neither poignant nor tragic. Michael Beard is a brilliant scientist past his prime, void of any self-discipline, a true narcissist. He has never been faithful to any of his five wives. Professionally he has been riding his Nobel Prize fame for way too many years. Neglecting his body, mind and soul is the only thing he does consistently well. This reader found it difficult that he could dupe so many beautiful