The Proteus Operation by James Hogan

Dec 2, 2010

The Proteus Operation by JamesThe Proteus Operation is about World War II. It’s about time traveling and alternate histories. It’s about quantum mechanics. And it’s about the human spirit and the lengths humans are willing to go to improve their, and others’, future. A group of scientists, diplomats and military personnel travel from a bleak, hopeless 1975 to a still-hopeful 1939. Their aim is to alter “past” events in order to bring about an improved “future”. Problems and questions abound. Is it possible for a tiny group of people to change world history? Is there more than one universe in existence? If so, can they be certain that they can change their own and not another world? For those who enjoyed reading John Birmingham’s “Axis of Time” series here is another ‘what if’ story involving war, history, humanity and the nature of the universe.

Reviewed by Diane H.
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