Dancing With Fire

Susan Kearney
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Mar 16, 2015

Dancing With Fire literally starts with a bang; an explosion that leaves the Danner girls orphaned and in danger. Kaylin Danner put her dreams on hold when her mother died to help her scientist father raise her two younger sisters. After her father’s biodiesel plant blows up just as he has figured out the formula to efficiently produce this sought-after fuel, events lead her to believe that the explosion and her father’s death may not have been an accident.

Sawyer Scott has been working with Dr. Danner for years as his assistant developing the biodiesel fuel formula. Dr. Danner has been his mentor and father figure as well as a partner in inventing this new form of fuel. Sawyer has been a part of the Danner household as well as a partner in the business. The explosion and destruction of the lab, the loss of his friend and mentor, as well as the bulk of his life’s work leaves Sawyer devastated. Now, he feels the need to protect this family and find those responsible. 

Dr. Danner’s laptop is missing and security footage at the lab shows several mysterious visitors over the last week. When the house is broken into and ransacked Kaylin and Sawyer band together to find out what exactly her father had discovered and who is behind the explosion and his death. As they work together they must learn to depend on each other and attraction blooms but has to be resisted before someone else ends up dead.

No one is who they appear to be and Kearney weaves many storylines together, preventing the reader from guessing the culprit until the very end. Kidnapping, more explosions, drug deals and belly dancing round out the story. 

Written by Lisa J.

I have been a Kindergarten room mom for over 25 years.