Aug 29, 2016

The first time I read this I thought that it was much too wild for my taste. After spending the next year flipping through it every time it came through the library it was obvious that I was in love with this crazy book so I reread it and now we're besties. It’s comprised of different takes on the bohemian style – everything from modern to nomadic to earthy. You may even discover that you’re one or more of these styles and go about changing things up in your home. A lot of the finds in this book came from craigslist and thrift shops, which is excellent news for those of us who are treasure

Jun 8, 2013

After reading Just My Type, people who previously had no idea that font matters will be smitten with typography design. Reading this book will make it impossible for readers to continue looking at magazines, road signs, logos and advertisements with indifference. The reader will learn some cardinal rules of typeface, such as what makes a font eye-catching and readable. Upon reading this book the reader will understand how political campaigns subliminally communicate messages about the candidates and project the intended image.

Just My Type provides a full look at font history, aesthetics and