The New Bohemians: Cool & Collected Homes

Justina Blakeney
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Aug 29, 2016

The first time I read this I thought that it was much too wild for my taste. After spending the next year flipping through it every time it came through the library it was obvious that I was in love with this crazy book so I reread it and now we're besties. It’s comprised of different takes on the bohemian style – everything from modern to nomadic to earthy. You may even discover that you’re one or more of these styles and go about changing things up in your home. A lot of the finds in this book came from craigslist and thrift shops, which is excellent news for those of us who are treasure hunters. I've never given tasseled light fixtures my attention before, but will definitely be looking at them with a lot more respect after reading The New Bohemians. There are also fun do-it-yourself activities scattered throughout- Denim patchwork pouf! Mosaic rack/tiny planter thingie!

I love all the slouchy lived-in vibrancy mixed with the abundance of plants and wood elements. This book is bursting with patterns - suzani, Native American and patchwork. Thrown together they create rich textures that marry well with the abundance of linens and soft animal fur throws. Plus there is so much fun going on here; we’re talking tassels galore, wacky planters and one very blissful paper-mâché skull. Like me, you may not love everything in this book. As much as I love the penny-tile-with-dark-grout look I’m never going to put forth the effort to clean my bathroom with a toothbrush. And I probably won't embrace a leather couch that looks like it's been shredded by an ambush of tigers. But this book is such a cornucopia of aesthetic wonder you will find something that makes your nomadic/earthy/romantic heart sing, even if it takes your eyes a year to sort through all the splendor.  

Reviewed by Hannah Jane W.
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