Tim Gunn: The Natty Professor

By Tim Gunn
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Rated by Megan C.
Oct 13, 2016

I recommend this to teachers and mentors everywhere, or for anyone looking for inspiration in their own learning and interpersonal growth. Tim Gunn is a delight to listen to and read by the author himself. Filled with humor, anecdotes, and advice, Gunn imparts his wisdom on teaching and mentoring as he describes his experiences as a fashion authority, teacher, mentor, and TV personality.

I always loved watching Tim Gunn on the TV show Project Runway, where contestants are designers competing to produce their best clothing designs in a series of challenges. Gunn always brings a positive and

My Dog An Unconditional Love Story

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Rated by Hannah Jane W.
Jan 4, 2015

My Dog is a sweet exploration of the relationship between man and dog.  You will be delighted to see a spunky Isaac Mizrahi rave about his pooches, listen to Richard Gere’s brief philosophical tidbits about his dog and get a peek into the beautiful connections between dogs and their humans. 

I really appreciated how the film gracefully skips from one interview to the next, constructing an exciting collage of poignant moments and revelations and giving ample opportunities to see my favorite people and their dogs.

Daniel Shire, a boy with autism, created a bridge between his world and his

May 25, 2011

If you like hearing people speak from the heart about something that matters to them, you’ll love the CD-Audio book of This I Believe: the personal philosophies of remarkable men and women.   This I Believe was a daily radio program in the early 1950s hosted by Edward R. Murrow on which well-known and unknown Americans read five-minute essays about their personal philosophies of life.  In 2005, NPR resurrected the concept, inviting listeners to write essays about the ‘beliefs that guide their daily lives.’   The book by this same title is a collection of some of the most provocative essays

Official Book Club Selection: a Memoir According to Kathy Griffin

By Kathy Griffin
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Rated by Helen H.
Apr 7, 2010

I suppose I should start by admitting that before I picked up this book I had no idea who Kathy Griffin is. And, having given a celebrity tell-all or two a try I am not usually drawn to them. In fact, I avoid them. Official Book Selection, however, is well worth making an exception for. I got hooked while reading the captions of the photos and belly-laughing in the relative quiet of the public library. I couldn’t put it down. Luckily, the audio was there and Griffin’s reading makes the book that much more enjoyable. Being a professional comedian lends itself to writing and reading an