My Dog An Unconditional Love Story

Jan 4, 2015

My Dog is a sweet exploration of the relationship between man and dog.  You will be delighted to see a spunky Isaac Mizrahi rave about his pooches, listen to Richard Gere’s brief philosophical tidbits about his dog and get a peek into the beautiful connections between dogs and their humans. 

I really appreciated how the film gracefully skips from one interview to the next, constructing an exciting collage of poignant moments and revelations and giving ample opportunities to see my favorite people and their dogs.

Daniel Shire, a boy with autism, created a bridge between his world and his family’s world through the companionship of dogs.  Lyn Redgrave’s special and brief relationship with her dog proves to be a testimony of living for the moment.  But undoubtedly, my favorite notable dog lover of the film is the poet, Billy Collins.  I won’t spoil if for you but there is a funny moment when the dog poops and Billy Collins curses, and it’s really very special.  Billy Collins, who has a book of poetry close by for the first few shots, eventually graces the movie with a poem that speaks of time and how it means two different things for humans and dogs. 

While Billy Collins and his dog stood out the most for me, my favorite quote of the film came from Richard Gere: “Whatever creature is under this dog costume—we’ve had many lifetimes together.  Maybe I had the dog costume the last time.”

Written by Hannah Jane W.