Official Book Club Selection: a Memoir According to Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin
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Apr 7, 2010

I suppose I should start by admitting that before I picked up this book I had no idea who Kathy Griffin is. And, having given a celebrity tell-all or two a try I am not usually drawn to them. In fact, I avoid them. Official Book Selection, however, is well worth making an exception for. I got hooked while reading the captions of the photos and belly-laughing in the relative quiet of the public library. I couldn’t put it down. Luckily, the audio was there and Griffin’s reading makes the book that much more enjoyable. Being a professional comedian lends itself to writing and reading an entertaining expose of celebrity life. Although, Griffin’s book is not all laughs. There is a heart-wrenching chapter on her troubled brother (“My memories of Kenny are perhaps the most difficult part of writing this book”); one about plastic surgery that nearly killed her (“It’s still a taboo topic to talk about and admit to, so let’s get to it, shall we?”); and then her divorce (“…in the end it was Matt who had to hit me over the head with the fact that we were through”).

Book Club Selection is an interesting mix of stand-up comedy, personal reflection and window into the world of celebrity. While not for the easily offended, if this book doesn’t make you laugh out loud, your sense of humor is broken.

Written by Helen H.

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