You Better Not Cry- Augusten Burroughs

Sep 30, 2010

you-better-not-cry.jpgI have been a fan of Augusten's for quite some time. I have read all of his books and enjoyed almost all of those books. This latest memoir was a disappointment. I looked for the humor and the heartbreak that his previous memoirs had, but this one fell short. I found myself not wanting to continue, but I had to (because I am a librarian after all).
This memoir is one of Christmas memories-none of them memorable to anyone but Augusten.
I found myself bored and uninterested in any of the characters he wrote about. In fact, I think the most interesting story is about a French-speaking Santa Claus (could have used more of him).
You Better Not Cry-is a far cry (ha!) from his previous books and felt incredibly rushed. Not a good representation of Burroughs' talent for storytelling. I would suggest reading Magical Thinking , Dry or Running with Scissors (read the book before the movie- you can thank me later). I even really liked Sellevision, the only novel in Augusten's Bibliography. Please do not get your first taste of Burroughs from this holiday memoir; it will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Written by Lorissa R.