Dec 2, 2021

Feeling bored with the lack of Christmas spirit around her, Noelle Partridge decides to join the family she babysits for on a ski trip. She is ready for festive fun when she finds out her crush Wyatt, a half-brother to the kid she babysits, is joining. Want to know what happens next? Read more to find out!

I personally enjoyed this book, considering how the holidays are nearby. I think that the plot of the book is nice and heartwarming. The book was easy to read, and the characters were relatable. The cover of the book is fun and colorful and is what piqued my interest in the story. I

Nov 3, 2021

When teenager Finely Brown returns to hometown Christmas, Oklahoma for the holidays, life ends up not being what she expected. Her friend, Arthur comes to her hometown expecting an amazing holiday, he ends up feeling disappointed. So, Finely must try her best to make Arthur’s Christmas the best he ever had.

This book is perfect to read considering that the Christmas holiday is right around the corner. I like how this book is kid friendly and a perfect read for people of all ages. This book fits in the slice-of-life genre and is a good fit for those who are looking to escape into a world

Simple Christmas Wish

By Melody Carlson
Rated by Bre H.
Feb 26, 2015

In a phone call that changes her life, Rachel Milligan learns that the parents of her 7-year-old niece, Holly, have had a tragic accident while on vacation.  Believing she is the only living guardian left to take care of the little girl, Rachel is shocked when Holly's custody is awarded to Lydia, a distant Amish aunt. Rachel complies with the court order and takes Holly to her new family. However, she hopes to convince Lydia to let the child stay with her. As Christmas approaches, Rachel's fantasy begins to fall apart when family secrets come out in the little Amish community. The story takes

Sep 30, 2010

you-better-not-cry.jpgI have been a fan of Augusten's for quite some time. I have read all of his books and enjoyed almost all of those books. This latest memoir was a disappointment. I looked for the humor and the heartbreak that his previous memoirs had, but this one fell short. I found myself not wanting to continue, but I had to (because I am a librarian after all).
This memoir is one of Christmas memories-none of them memorable to anyone but Augusten.
I found myself bored and uninterested in any of the characters he wrote about. In fact, I think the most interesting story is about a French-speaking Santa Claus