Wildest Dreams

Robyn Carr
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Oct 3, 2015

Fourteen year old Charlie Simmons is enjoying the summer before starting at a new school in Thunder Point. His very protective mom, Lin Su, is working in Thunder Point as a home nurse for Winnie who has ALS. This is the best job Lin Su has had in a long time and it gives Charlie the opportunity to change schools and get away from the bullies that had been taunting him at his old school. Winnie and Charlie have become good friends as he has been spending a lot of time there over the summer. And now there is new next door neighbor Blake Smiley. Blake is a professional tri-athlete and motivational speaker. Blake and Charlie hit it off right away, though Lin Su isn't sure that Blake is the right "friend" for Charlie as Charlie's severe asthma has kept him from being able to participate in sports of any kind. However, when Lin Su approaches Blake about making sure Charlie is safe sparks fly.

Blake is surprised to find out that he is enjoying the little town of Thunder Point and living on his own for the first time. Thunder Point offers him opportunities for challenging training ground and new friends outside of the sport. Blake grew up in a rough situation that ended up with him in foster care so as he and Charlie get to know each other he can appreciate where Charlie and Lin Su are coming from even though Lin Su is too proud to as for help or to accept help when offered. Blake, however, is determined to keep after Lin Su until she recognizes that she can be a good mother without giving up on a life for herself.

Readers of Robyn Carr and Thunder Point will enjoy this ninth volume in the series. Readers get to catch up with many of the residents of Thunder Point and watch as newcomer Blake becomes a part of the community and helps Lin Su and Charlie flourish. A little danger, a little romance and some excitement keep the story moving. Those who haven't read the prior nine books will still enjoy Wildest Dreams.  

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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