Wildest Dreams

By Robyn Carr
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Oct 3, 2015

Fourteen year old Charlie Simmons is enjoying the summer before starting at a new school in Thunder Point. His very protective mom, Lin Su, is working in Thunder Point as a home nurse for Winnie who has ALS. This is the best job Lin Su has had in a long time and it gives Charlie the opportunity to change schools and get away from the bullies that had been taunting him at his old school. Winnie and Charlie have become good friends as he has been spending a lot of time there over the summer. And now there is new next door neighbor Blake Smiley. Blake is a professional tri-athlete and

Asthma: the Biography by Mark Jackson

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Mar 31, 2010

asthma.jpgMark Jackson, Professor of the History of Medicine and Director of the Centre for Medical History at the University of Exeter, contributed a volume on asthma for Oxford University Press’s series Biographies of Disease.  Asthma and allergies, as you may know, have been on a progressive trend afflicting more and more people since the beginning of the 20th century.  Knowing this I was interested to see what asthma was like in the ancient, medieval, and early modern periods of history.  In addition, I wanted to know the latest theories explaining this increasing trend.  Jackson’s research delivers