Camino Island

By John Grisham
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Rated by Lisa J.
Aug 14, 2017

Bruce Cable is living the life he always wanted and has worked hard to attain. He lives on Camino Island and owns an independent bookstore that over the years has become the hub of culture and literature on the island. Bruce is a collector of many things: first editions, rare books, and works by young women. His bookstore hosts several book signings a month and he is a regular on most author's book tours.  

When the original F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts go missing from the Firestone Library at Princeton University the world of literature is in an uproar. The FBI and Princeton's insurance


By Rebecca Scherm
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Rated by Katie S.
Apr 18, 2015

Grace has a problem, well several problems to be exact. She’s a liar and she can’t stop lying not only to herself but also to the people with whom she surrounds herself. She’s a thief but again doesn’t see herself as one, at least not at first. She can never be normal, not after what she has put everyone else through. And she is terrified that two men who are about to be set free on parole for robbing a historic mansion back in Garland, Tennessee are going to find her.

Rebecca Scherm writes a fantastic novel about a girl who spins a web of lies in hopes of becoming a better person, the

The Art Forger: a Novel

By Barbara J. Shapiro
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Rated by Melody M.K.
Aug 18, 2014

Isabella Stewart Gardner opened her Venetian-style gallery — then called Fenway Court — to the city of Boston, enriching the lives of generations to come. It is now just called the Gardner Museum.

In March 1990, two men dressed as police officers looted 13 masterpieces from museum, including Rembrandt’s only recorded seascape, Vermeer’s “Concert”, and several lesser sketches by Degas. B. A. Shapiro’s nimble mystery The Art Forger revisits this unsolved theft when, two decades later, one of Gardner’s paintings seems to resurface.

This is the story of struggling Boston painter,Claire Roth