Camino Island

John Grisham
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Aug 14, 2017

Bruce Cable is living the life he always wanted and has worked hard to attain. He lives on Camino Island and owns an independent bookstore that over the years has become the hub of culture and literature on the island. Bruce is a collector of many things: first editions, rare books, and works by young women. His bookstore hosts several book signings a month and he is a regular on most author's book tours.  

When the original F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts go missing from the Firestone Library at Princeton University the world of literature is in an uproar. The FBI and Princeton's insurance company start investigating how and who could have pulled off this heist with Bruce Cable as a prime suspect. Without proof and no way to get any, they ask Mercer Mann, a one hit wonder novelist with writers block to befriend Cable and learn his secrets. Mercer has a history of visiting Camino Island every summer as a child and owns a share in a family property, making her the perfect undercover agent for the job. She reluctantly agrees and moves to Camino Island and inserts herself into the community. It isn't long before Cable notices her and the game is on.

Camino Island is another fun, if somewhat predicable, read from Grisham.

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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