secret societies

Batman: The Court of Owls

By Scott Snyder
Rated by Jared H.
Dec 9, 2013

For years, Batman has protected Gotham City from the darkness that seeks to destroy it. Within this darkness is the Court of Owls, an urban legend that tells of a shadowy conspiracy ruling Gotham City for centuries. Now the Court has placed the Batman in its sights, to take back their city from the Caped Crusader. Can Batman, the Dark Knight, survive the maneuverings of the Court or will he watch Gotham burn around him?

I have read a lot of Batman comics over the years. Some have been pretty bad (I am looking at you Dark Knight Strikes Again), but there have been many good ones (try the The

May 22, 2012

A woman opens her eyes to find herself surrounded by dead bodies. She has no idea what happened. What’s just as, if not more, frightening and disorienting is that she has no idea who she is. The only information she has to go on comes from two letters she finds in her pocket, letters that begin “Dear You” and that seem to have been written by herself.

Slowly, Myfanwy Thomas learns who she is and what she does. It turns out that there’s a whole supernatural world that exists alongside the “normal” world. Myfanwy works for a secret organization in England that keeps tabs on this other world and

Faculty Club by Danny Tobey

Rated by Karen
Jul 27, 2010

Faculty Club by Danny TobeyWowee!! What a great novel! Jeremy Davis is a young Texan who recently graduated from a Texas University and has been accepted to attend the ‘greatest law school in the world’. Jeremy leaves home to go to this wonderful New England University and begins classes. He is surprised when, on the first day of class, old Professor Bernini calls him by name and instantly sets him above and apart from the other 200 students in class. Within a few days, Jeremy becomes Bernini’s assistant. Jeremy is now on the fast track to a great education and the promise of fame and fortune. Then one day, in