Faculty Club by Danny Tobey

Jul 27, 2010

Faculty Club by Danny TobeyWowee!! What a great novel! Jeremy Davis is a young Texan who recently graduated from a Texas University and has been accepted to attend the ‘greatest law school in the world’. Jeremy leaves home to go to this wonderful New England University and begins classes. He is surprised when, on the first day of class, old Professor Bernini calls him by name and instantly sets him above and apart from the other 200 students in class. Within a few days, Jeremy becomes Bernini’s assistant. Jeremy is now on the fast track to a great education and the promise of fame and fortune. Then one day, in the first month of school, he overhears Bernini talking to another man and mentioning his name in relation to ‘V and D’. Jeremy begins his search for the meaning of ‘V and D’ and finds himself entangled in the mystery of a secret society. There are interesting characters. Miles, the philosopher and full time student, is a hoot. Faculty Club is another ‘secret society’ thriller but one with a few extra twists. It is a fast read and the end, although predictable, is great. I highly recommend this novel and, as we speak, there are copies on the shelf at several libraries. Get your request in today. The author, Danny Tobey, is a young attorney in Texas and this is his first novel. My hope is that he will have a long and successful career, especially as an author.

Written by Karen