Aug 6, 2021

Both Alice and Celia are twins. After Alice’s boyfriend, Jason, died in a fire, she was committed into a mental psych ward. Alice hates it there, but after meeting a kid, Chase, she begins to wonder if her sister is in the ward too! She asks Chase, a mysterious boy, for help. But in the process, Alice begins to rethink everything. Can she trust Chase? Is anyone going to help her? All Alice wants to know is the truth. What happened to Jason? Where is Celia?

I did not exactly love this book. It is an okay read. The book culminated nicely, but I easily guessed the twist. I could say that the

Paying the Piper

By Simon Wood
Rated by Lisa J.
Jan 11, 2016

Eight years ago newspaper reporter Scott Fleetwood became famous when a kidnapper dubbed "The Piper" used Scott's column to communicate with the FBI. It turns out the person communicating with Scott was a fake and the real "Piper" was able to escape capture.  Now The Piper is back and he's abducted Scott's twins and is leading Scott on a merry chase to safely rescue his sons. Scott's involvement in The Piper's final kidnapping lost him the two million dollar ransom and caused the death of the final young victim. This time The Piper is making it personal.  

Despite his remorse, Scott is an

Batman: The Court of Owls

By Scott Snyder
Rated by Jared H.
Dec 9, 2013

For years, Batman has protected Gotham City from the darkness that seeks to destroy it. Within this darkness is the Court of Owls, an urban legend that tells of a shadowy conspiracy ruling Gotham City for centuries. Now the Court has placed the Batman in its sights, to take back their city from the Caped Crusader. Can Batman, the Dark Knight, survive the maneuverings of the Court or will he watch Gotham burn around him?

I have read a lot of Batman comics over the years. Some have been pretty bad (I am looking at you Dark Knight Strikes Again), but there have been many good ones (try the The