Paying the Piper

Simon Wood
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Jan 11, 2016

Eight years ago newspaper reporter Scott Fleetwood became famous when a kidnapper dubbed "The Piper" used Scott's column to communicate with the FBI. It turns out the person communicating with Scott was a fake and the real "Piper" was able to escape capture.  Now The Piper is back and he's abducted Scott's twins and is leading Scott on a merry chase to safely rescue his sons. Scott's involvement in The Piper's final kidnapping lost him the two million dollar ransom and caused the death of the final young victim. This time The Piper is making it personal.  

Despite his remorse, Scott is an unpopular person among the FBI and the parents of the children kidnapped by The Piper.  Now, Scott is at the mercy of the FBI, and when they don't move fast enough Scott turns to previous victims and their parents for help in meeting The Piper's demands. 

Full of twists, turns and misdirection Paying the Piper will keep you on the edge of your seat.  

Reviewed by Lisa J.
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