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Started Early, Took My Dog

By Kate Atkinson

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May 11, 2011

Started Early, Took My Dog  is Kate Atkinson's fourth installment of the Jackson Brodie series.  Jackson is a country music loving , semi-retired British private investigator.  As this story begins he is pondering his state of affairs--he's approaching middle age without much direction. The women in his life have done him wrong and he feels estranged from his teenage daughter.    And his financial affairs are a  bit rocky.  To help his cash flow, Jackon reluctantly agrees to help a cheerful young New Zealand woman find her birth parents in the UK.  What should be a straight forward case is

Enter the Past Tense by Roland Haas

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Jun 2, 2010

After his early life in Germany and the bullying high school life he received after his immigration, Roland Haas entered Purdue University on a ROTC scholarship. It didn’t take long for the CIA to approach him for a request to serve for the CIA in an international capacity. Based on his early life, living in Germany, where his parents were citizens during the World War 2 and his use of several languages, including Russian, he was selected as a prime candidate as a possible CIA Operative. As he first began his college life he was requested to sit in the ROTC office for an interview with a