human animal relationships

Oct 21, 2021

Twelve-year-old Torak’s life is suddenly turned upside down when a bear attack suddenly leaves Torak without his father. Now, Torak is faced with completing the oath that he promised his father he would complete: To find a mountain that nobody has ever found, to solve a riddle that nobody has ever solved, and to kill the bear that killed his father. Luckily, Torak has a guide, in the form of a wolf cub. Together, Torak and Wolf travel together, avoiding enemies, collecting pieces of the riddle, and finding a way to make it to the mountain.

Wolf Brother is the first part in the series

Aug 28, 2021

Based on a true story, Island of the Blue Dolphins, by Scott O’Dell, focuses on the main character Karana who enjoys life on an island with her tribe in the middle of a sea of dolphins. One day, Russians unexpectedly raid her island and attempt to make a deal to share the supply of fish equally with the islanders. Surprisingly, Chief Chowig, the main chief of the island, agrees, and after working together for some months, the Russians abruptly decide to take the entire island’s population back to Russia.  However, they accidentally leave Karana’s brother, Ramo, behind. Realizing his dire

Jun 24, 2021

A young boy named Billy really wants two coon hounds. He does everything to save up fifty dollars to purchase the dogs. With help from his grandpa, Bill buys the dogs and goes to Tahlehquah to pick the dogs up. He trains the dogs to help him find coon. He makes money off of the coon skins, and gives the money to his father. Billy has many adventures with his dogs.

I think this book was okay. Personally, I do not read books about animals because I find them not interesting. The book did have many values and lessons. It was a good read, but I would not read this book again. I would recommend

Jun 4, 2021

10-year-old Alanna of Trebond wants to be a knight. Unfortunately, in the land of Tortall, girls of noble birth are sent to the convent to learn the skills they will need as the wives of knights and lords. Her twin brother, Thom, wants to learn to use the powerful magic that they were both born with, but as the only son of the fief of Trebond, Thom must become a knight of the realm. Alanna and Thom trade places, so that Alanna, disguised as a boy, can travel to Corus to become a great knight and Thom can travel to the City of the Gods to study magic. Assisted by her servant and former soldier

Bones Would Rain From the Sky

By Suzanne Clothier
Rated by Helen H.
Apr 12, 2015

“Even scientists fall in love, and it is said that some even talk to their dogs.”

Not memoir, not a training manual, not quite a call to arms, Bones Would Rain From the Sky is a combination of all of these. And more. Clothier examines her own journey from a child who longed to be an animal to a person who helps people like you and me connect deeply with, and better understand, our pets.

She points out that connection is “quite literally, a matter of life and death. The leading cause of death in dogs in Western countries is behavior – unacceptable, uncontrollable, inappropriate behavior.”

Jun 2, 2011

Disclaimer: Drive with care while listening to  A Dog's Purpose .  Your vision may be impaired by tears of laughter or sorrow.   Either way you will be distracted.

This is a joyful, suspenseful tail... er tale told from the dogs' perspective.  This is the story of a dog named Toby, Bailey, Ellie and finally Buddy.   Toby is born to a feral mom and later captured by well intentioned animal rescue folks.  Toby's life is cut short and he is later reborn as Bailey an endearing Golden Retriever whose main purpose in life is to protect "my boy."  Then there is Ellie the German Shepherd  trained as