Bones Would Rain From the Sky

Suzanne Clothier
Apr 12, 2015

“Even scientists fall in love, and it is said that some even talk to their dogs.”

Not memoir, not a training manual, not quite a call to arms, Bones Would Rain From the Sky is a combination of all of these. And more. Clothier examines her own journey from a child who longed to be an animal to a person who helps people like you and me connect deeply with, and better understand, our pets.

She points out that connection is “quite literally, a matter of life and death. The leading cause of death in dogs in Western countries is behavior – unacceptable, uncontrollable, inappropriate behavior.” She shares the mistakes she’s made along the way, but the really beautiful things lie in the stories of people she’s helped connect with their own pets. While not a training manual, I quickly came to gain a better understanding of my own dogs’ behavior. And we all benefit from well-behaved dogs…sometimes even when they aren’t your own.

Encouraged at a young age to become a writer, it would appear the Clothier is both trainer and writer. Bones Would Rain From the Sky is rewarding on many levels and suggested for anyone who believes their pets are family.

Written by Helen H.

I adore furry faces.