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Getting to Happily Ever After with Novelist

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Aug 29, 2019

“I don’t mean to bother you,” the question usually begins, “but I’m looking for my next book, and I just don’t know what I want to read.” Honestly, that question is one of our favorites to get in days that are often filled with new card sign-ups and telling people where the restroom is.

The most challenging requests are usually from voracious readers because, well, they’ve read most of the usual culprits already. And while sometimes we magically have the perfect title stashed in our figurative back pocket for just such an occasion, even our magic runs out sometimes. For those situations, we

An Extraordinary Union: A Novel of the Civil War

By Alyssa Cole
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Dec 14, 2018


An Extraordinary Union is a historical romance set during the turbulent American Civil War. The heroine is spunky Elle Burns, a former slave with an eidetic memory who becomes a detective for the Union through the Loyal League, a society of freed and enslaved blacks with networks across the country to funnel intelligence to the North. Her latest assignment is to pose as a mute slave in Richmond, Virginia in the household of Confederate Senator Caffrey. The hero is Malcolm McCall, a Scottish born detective for Pinkerton, also assigned to gather intelligence from the Caffrey household, posing

The Marriage Of Opposites

By Alice Hoffman

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Jul 31, 2018

I absolutely love this book and consider it one of my "top 10" favorites! I did not expect to like it when a friend lent me her copy to read, but it blew me away. 

Alice Hoffman's writing is so rich in detail that it's mesmerizing. The Marriage of Opposites is historical fiction set during the 19th century, based on the real life of Rachel Pomie', the mother of Camille Pissarro who became a famous artist and one of the fathers of impressionism. Most of the story is set on the island of St. Thomas, and then ultimately in Paris. Rachel Pomie' is a girl that does not like rules and is constantly

Deception (Audiobook CD)

By Amanda Quick

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Sep 15, 2016

Deception is one of my favorite Amanda Quick books (along with Reckless, Desire and Mystique) and I have read it countless times. Therefore I thought it would make a good introduction to her works on audio, most of which are read by Anne Flosnik. I will admit that it took me a while to get used to Flosnik’s voice and style of reading, but by the end I was thoroughly convinced by her characterizations and wry humor that fit very well with the text. Quick’s early works really shine with fresh enthusiasm and a madcap sense of fun with the scholarly characters and witty banter that have become her

Devil in Winter

By Lisa Kleypas
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May 18, 2016

Romance readers across the world jumped for joy when Lisa Kleypas announced the hero for the third book in the Ravenel series, Devil in Spring. Don't believe me, check out the amount of SQUEE! and OMG! on this site alone. The hero is Gabriel, Lord St. Vincent, son of Evie and Sebastian, the hero and heroine from one of my most favorite books, Devil in Winter.

Devil in Winter is book three in the Wallflower series, following Secrets of a Summer Night and It Happened One Autumn and preceding Scandal in Spring. The series centers on four women who, for some reason, are considered wallflowers by

The Lady's Command

By Stephanie Laurens
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Mar 18, 2016

I have been a fan of Stephanie Laurens ever since I picked up Devil's Bride, the start of her her long, long running Cynster series. While I enjoy following that series, after book 23, it's nice to be able to take a break. The heroine of The Lady's Command is Lady Edwina Delbraith. Lady Edwina and the Delbraith family were first introduced in The Lady Risks All. While it's not necessary, I suggest reading or re-reading The Lady Risks All first for background on Lady Edwina. The hero, Declan Frobisher, is part of a respected sea-faring family which will feature prominently in the next books of

The Other Daughter

By Lauren Willig
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Aug 20, 2015

In 1920s France, British governess Rachel Woodley abruptly quits her job to return home to her ailing mother. Upon her arrival in England, she is devastated to find that her mother has already died. With no money, no remaining family, and her childhood home about to be swept from beneath her by a greedy landlord, Rachel is truly unmoored. Things become even more confusing when, among her mother’s things, she finds a photo from a current magazine of her father, whom she had been told died when she was a child. And, she discovers he's an earl with a wife and two other (recognized, legitimate)

The Captive

By Grace Burrowes
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Aug 14, 2015

I was reading through NPR's Happy Ever After: 100 Swoon-Worthy Romances, and for the most part, I agree with the list and am happy to find some of my favorites: Julie James, Nora RobertsJoanna Bourne, and Jennifer Ashley

I really enjoy Grace Burrowes' Windham series, but none of her subsequent series have tempted me enough to start reading. So, when I saw The Captive on the list, I decided it was time to give it a try. It also fits nicely with this other NPR article, Don't Know Much About History? Read A Romance.

Christian Severn, Duke of Mercia, has returned to England after months of

Goddess of the Hunt

By Tessa Dare

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Aug 6, 2015

Tessa Dare is one of my favorite newer romance authors, even though I had some problems with her first book, Goddess of the Hunt. The way it starts is enough to turn me off continuing: the heroine barges into the hero’s room at night demanding he help her practice kissing. Lucy Waltham wants to learn how to entice Toby, her brother’s friend whom she’s loved for years although he’s never shown any signs of reciprocating. She thinks that Jeremy Trescott, another friend of her brother’s whom she’s always felt antagonistic towards, will be a safe learning experience because no feelings will be

A Lady Awakened

By Cecilia Grant

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Jul 26, 2015

Sensible young widow Martha Russell is all set to cede her late husband’s estate to his younger brother, until she learns of his past villainy towards the housemaids. As a champion of the weak and the poor, Mrs. Russell decides to cast propriety aside and take matters into her own hands. She looks to her new neighbor Theophilus Mirkwood, banished to the countryside for his spendthrift ways, for his assistance in getting her with child. She does not respect him, he does not understand her. Can mutual esteem grow from such a cold bargain?

So begins Cecilia Grant’s explosive debut on the romance

Jun 30, 2013

Who’s the daddy? When three-year-old Melody is found on the steps of Brown’s Club for Distinguished Gentleman, three members track down the women from their past to discover the truth of Melody’s paternity.

In Devil in My Bed, the first book in The Runaway Brides series, Aiden de Quincy must find the widow from his past who rejected his proposal of marriage. Could Madeline Chandler be Melody’s mother? Will the danger that tore them apart prevent them from a happily-ever-after?

Next, in Rogue in My Arms, Sir Colin Lambert had his heart broken by the beautiful actress, Chantal Marchant. Could

Grave Mercy

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Feb 18, 2013

Assassin-nuns-in-training! Grave Mercy, is the first book in Robin LaFevers’ YA series, His Fair Assassin. Action, adventure and romance are set against 15th century Britney. Seventeen year old Ismae has just been sold into marriage to a brutal, older man. On her wedding night, she is spirited away to a dark convent where she is offered a new life as an angle of death. There are poisons to memorize, weapons to master and her own growing powers to tame. Can she take Death’s vengeance?

In the words of the author, “Why be the sheep when you can be the wolf?”

The American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

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Sep 8, 2011

A story of love, class and the “American Way” in Gilded Age England, this is definitely several cuts above the traditional historical romance.   Aptly named Cora Cash is the richest debutante in America in 1893, and her mother will stop at nothing to marry her into British nobility.  Cora, very spoiled and accustomed to her own way, meets Ivo, the Duke of Wareham, and falls very much in love with him.  Ivo is currency poor but heritage wealthy, and Cora’s money will go a long way to restoring Lulworth, the family castle.  A subplot involves Cora’s African American maid, Bertha, who accompanies