Wednesday, May 21, 2014

This memoir recounts the story of Malika Oufkir, whose father was the closest aide to the King of Morocco. We follow Malika from the age of five, as she is raised in the palace as the princess’ companion. While life in the harem is a kind of imprisonment itself, it is nothing compared to what awaits her, her mother, and her siblings after her father is executed for an attempt to assassinate the King.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Holly George-Warren’s new biography on Alex Chilton, A Man Called Destruction: the Life and Music of Alex Chilton From Box Tops to Big Star to Backdoor Man, is a true cautionary tale, especially if you’re planning on becoming a rock star. Talent and hard work don’t always translate to success. What you do, no matter how good it is, can be so anachronistic as to render your hard work audience-less for decades. Drugs and alcohol can really mess things up (duh).

Wednesday, Jul 17, 2013

Frontman for bands Galaxie 500 and Luna, Dean Wareham chronicles his life before, during and after the breakup of both of his bands, as well as his first marriage. Black Postcards is written simply, honestly, and Wareham is up front about drug use, tempers, and infidelity.

Monday, Jun 3, 2013

Blood, Bones, and Butter—the title piqued my curiosity. For the audiobook, Hamilton has a pretty straight tone as a reader, which made me hesitant at first, but it’s true to her personality and works surprisingly well for me as a listener. I generally enjoy biographical pieces, and this was no exce

Friday, Mar 8, 2013

You may remember Sally Mann from a book of photographs published in the 1990s. The book includes a number of photographs of Mann’s children hanging out, without clothing, near the family’s cabin beside a lake. The photographs were hailed by art critics as a tremendous achievement while criticized by many, many others because they put her children on display.

Sunday, Dec 2, 2012

Jeni Decker, mother of two and independent filmmaker has found herself living a life she never imagined: raising two sons both with diagnoses on the autism spectrum, the wife of a husband who doesn’t know what to do with these boys who aren’t interested in Little League or Yankees games, a dog and an albino frog.

Spoken From the Heart by Laura Bush

Rated by
Margaret O.
Friday, Nov 30, 2012

Beautifully written, Spoken from the Heart is aptly named, as it tells the life story of first Lady Laura Bush in her trademark soft spoken, sophisticated way. It reads like a letter from home. As expected, she describes her early life and family, courtship and marriage, and children. But even more fascinating is her attention to de

Supergods by Grant Morrison

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Josh N.
Tuesday, Oct 16, 2012

Grant Morrison is something of a divisive figure in the world of comics. Some people love him, while others can't stand him, finding him pretentious and deliberately obtuse. I'm one of the people who think he's brilliant. I love his comics, especially when he writes superheroes, so I jumped on Supergods as soon as it came out.

Wednesday, Sep 5, 2012

Susan Vreeland is known for her recurring use of art-related themes in her historical fiction books. She makes a real painting the center of her writings. Vreeland’s other books include Clara and Mr. Tiffany, Luncheon of the Boating Party and Girl in Hyacinth Blue.

Wednesday, Aug 29, 2012

Alan Alda's insightful autobiography Never Have Your Dog Stuffed gives us a peek into the highs, lows, and adventures of an actor's life. Growing up among a family of burlesque performers, perhaps Alda was fated for acting, but his journey had its fair share of bumps. He laces candid humor throughout the telling of his trials and tribulations,