Mile Markers: The 26.2 Most Important Reasons Why Women Run

Kristin Armstrong
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Feb 24, 2016

Kristin Armstrong, a contributing editor to Runner's World, is a delightful writer as well as a dedicated runner.

Her reflections are gathered into different themes that allow her to cover a lot of ground (ahem) - family, friendships, self-reflection and self-esteem, relationships, goals both short term and long. And she does it all with a lot of inspiring, kind words and a ready wit.

Generally I'm not much of a fan of inspirational or self-help type books. They often have far too little content and far too many pithy phrases. But Armstrong's strength is in her specificity and vulnerability - she relates many of her own struggles and experiences. There are plenty of stories of races and training runs that will have you lacing up your shoes, but there are also a lot of reflections that will have you leaning back into your couch cushions and pondering things for a while (possibly while you elevate your feet post-race). Running affects all other aspects of your life, and all the other pieces of your life will affect your running. And that's part of the beauty, Armstrong says. Running not only gives us the joy of accomplishment, adrenaline, and the fun of play in a way that adults don't get enough of, it also gives you tools to work through other areas of your life, and the strength to do so. 

I'd recommend this for runners - whether you race or not, whether you go 2 miles a week or 20, whether you just started or have been running for decades. And despite the title, this book is for humans, not just women.

Reviewed by Jo F.
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