Aug 27, 2016

Endgame, with Rico Rodriquez from Modern Family, is a make-you-feel-good movie inspired by true events. This independent film was shot in only nineteen days, and the children could work, at most, six hours per day. Other actors include Efron Ramiez, who played Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite, and Jon Greis, also from Napoleon Dynamite.

Jose, played by Rico Rodriquez, has a knack for chess, having played with his grandmother since he was five years old. Jose’s older brother, Miguel, is just as good at soccer as Jose is at chess, but their mother, Karla, only acknowledges Miguel’s abilities. Miguel dies in an auto accident, throwing Karla into a depression and causing Jose to become angry. One day at school, Jose gets detention due to losing his temper and finds his best friend Dani is also in detention. She is good at chess, too, and one day while they're playing Mr. Alvarado, a teacher, watches and is inspired to begin a chess club. This is a story about starting a small school club that has very little backing, and the road they travel to become winners. 

Reviewed by Library Staff